Our rescue pets at Bellaire Blooms

Maggie May(hem) our black Lab/Cattle Dog mix truly believes she’s top dog/pet here. (The cat knows the real snswer though) 😉 Rescued from a shelter as a puppy; her parents and 8 siblings also found homes. She’s 10, loves laying in compost, leaf mould and eating rabbit her sisters catch.

Lulu our 5 year old brown rescue had a tough start the first 6 months of life. You’re safe here sweet girl. 😌 She’s rodent patrol along with her sister cat. Squirrels, Chipmunks & Voles beware. Fearless in hunting but kinda afraid of the cat. We did a DNA test and she’s mostly American Staffordshire Terrier & Great Pyrenees with about a hundred other breeds mixed in. 

Rusti our rare female Ginger cat, as 90% of them are males, lived outside in the snow for several months before finally following us on a walk with dogs one day. She’s a sweetie unless you’re a Rabbit, Flying Squirrel, Vole or Mouse. Always helps with watering seedlings, planting arranging and never steps on plants. 💐

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