We are excited to announce another new class that we are trying out.  We love offering a diverse blend of classes to our community.  Check out the newest additions to our schedule.  If they work well for you, then we will keep them on.  Be sure to vote with your feet and take class with us!

Wednesdays at 5:15pm- Hot Flow
Some like it hot and we love it too!  We will be cranking up the heat on Wednesdays at 5:15 for a heated flow class.  This class will be similar to our vinyasa flow class.  Class will flow through different sequences to help build strength, flexibility, and balance.  The room will be heated from 80 to 90 degrees.  Be sure to arrive well hydrated.  Along with your mat, bring some water and a towel for your sweat.  We all know how Rebecca loves hot yoga and now she’s excited to bring a little piece of that to Yoga Bellaire.  

Fridays at Noon – Slow Flow
Join us for this lunchtime yoga class that will help you set great intentions for yourself and health for the weekend.  This class is an all levels friendly, slow flow.  The class is 50 minutes long with an option to stay for a 10 minute self-guided meditation and extended savasana.  Those that need to head back to work can sneak away at the end of the 50 minute practice while others who have more time can stay for a lengthened final rest.  Give it a try.  If it is popular, we will keep it on the schedule.

Fridays at 9am – Sculpt
This class is becoming more and more popular with our morning crowd.  This class is a combination of toning and strength building exercises done in a low-impact class to help build muscle, tone your body and help you feel stronger and leaner. Bring a mat but otherwise, no equipment is necessary to take this class.

For the most up-to-date schedule, check out our website at https://www.yogabellaire.com/schedule.html

Upcoming events https://www.yogabellaire.com/events.html:

Giving Thursday – Donation Based Yoga at 6pm for Crosshatch
Thursday, November 21st at 6pm

Thanksgiving Buti Glow & Bubbles 
Saturday, November 30th, 4pm 

Winter Celebration Sound Bath
Saturday, December 28th, 4pm

End of the Year Buti Glow & Bubbles
Sunday, December 29th at 4pm