from Torch Conservation Center

When you use one of the 50+ access sites on Torch Lake, you become a neighbor for the day.

Did You Know?


Most public access sites are located at road ends. The Antrim County Road Commission retains ownership, but has transferred jurisdiction of a portion of most of the road ends to townships. Access size varies from site to site.


Access sites are maintained by the Parks & Recreation Commissions appointed by each of the 7 local townships around the lake.


Each township determines the amenities and rules for each site.

Access Site’s Responsibilities

It’s simple. The access site’s responsibility is to provide a place for you to enjoy the beautiful water.

Your Responsibilities

This is simple too…enjoy nature and respect the neighbors!!

  • Neighbor’s property should not be used as a port-a-potty.
  • Take only pictures. (lots & lots)
  • Take your trash, including dirty diapers, with you.


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Prevent problems before they happen

Prevent Swimmer’s Itch

Don’t feed ducks or any wildlife. Period. If you have to feed something, feed yourself or your friends and family.

Report Problems

  • Banks Township: 231-588-6126
  • Central Lake Township: 231-544-2537
  • Clearwater Township: 231-331-6249
  • Forest Home Township: 231-533-8003
  • Helena Township: 231-331-4643
  • Milton Township: 231-264-6100
  • Torch Lake Township: 231-599-2036