New Bottle and Labels Introduced for Gin, Vodka, Rum and Cherry Bounce

Central Lake, Michigan— To bring more visual unity across all product lines, Mammoth Distilling launched its first packaging update since the company’s inception in 2013. A new bottle has been selected for gin, vodka and rum, and a new label design has been introduced for these three spirits as well as the iconic Cherry Bounce liqueur. No changes were made to the packaging of barrel-aged spirits, and no changes were made to any of the actual product formulations.

“We love our original packaging. It has been part of our business from day one,” shares Chad Munger, president and founder of Mammoth Distilling. “But we also recognize that it was developed prior to having a more mature brand identity and product release strategy. We wanted to tell our Northern Michigan story through words, rather than pictures, and spent nearly a year making sure we got our new package design right. We could not be more thrilled with the outcome!”

The elegant new look better unites the clear spirits packaging with the barrel-aged packaging, bringing familiar elements of color and foil to all products. By creating a more consistent shelf presence, Mammoth Distilling is better positioned for new market growth and the rollout of additional products in the future.

“Our brand was introduced to a number of new markets this year, and we are planning even more expansion in 2019,” says Munger. “These changes allow us to more accurately project our visual identity to new customers while providing a quicker time to market when launching new products. Our previous design just did not scale well.”

With the new packaging, these spirits will no longer be referenced by their fanciful designations. Munger admits that those fan-favorite names were difficult to let go.

“Old Dam Gin was especially well-loved. Our fanciful names were chosen to elicit imagery consistent with our Northern Michigan brand,” he explains. “But we’re focused instead on emphasizing our product positioning through formulation. Old Dam Gin is a Contemporary Northern Gin, created from the botanicals and terroir unique to our home. Likewise for Mammoth Vodka and Mammoth Rum. This new packaging explains that more clearly and we feel that offers more compelling value to the marketplace.”

Customers will begin seeing the new packaging on shelves starting October 11, 2018.

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Mammoth Distilling is a leading Michigan craft spirits producer. Manufacturing is headquartered in Central Lake, Michigan with satellite tasting rooms in Central Lake, Traverse City and Bellaire.


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