Sue Palmisano, Executive Director from the Bellaire Chamber of Commerce, recently visited the quaint shop “Adams Madams” in the town of Central Lake.  

Stepping into the shop, Pam greeted us with a friendly smile and directed us to the owner of Adams Madams, Merrie Corbett. Touring around the shop, she shares interesting history of the village of Central Lake and more specifically her building. Did you know that her shop used to be a bank building and a beauty shop?  Inside the shop you find an old railroad train and tracks close to the ceiling that was made to represent the old railroad that ran through Central Lake. Adams Madams has been in business for 18 years and has a very loyal following of locals and vacationers.

Exploring the shop, there were so many beautiful collections of paintings from local artists along with candles, funny greeting cards, books, beautiful jewelry, jelly belly rugs and much more. There is a complete area dedicated to babies with clothing, decor and even specialty books that come with a stuffed animal that is featured in the book.  Featured clothing has everything from fall ponchos, blouses, pants and even “Hello Mello” brand loungewear.

Adams Madams Staff

Getting to know Merrie a little better as we toured the store, we discovered that she is an avid animal lover. Merrie and her husband have been very involved with the local animal shelters, and she is also on the “Help with friends” board. Her Springer Spaniel “Roxy” is often represented throughout the store and she is considered one of the family. It’s no wonder she has a whole area in her shop dedicated to animals, including paintings, kitchen supplies, and home decor. “I wanted to buy one of everything,” Merrie says. “Isn’t it all about family and animals?”

One area to fall in love with is the “Book Nook,” small room that used to be the old bank vault, has now been turned into a reading area for children. With a small padded bench and big comfy pillows, it is filled with children’s books. Kids love a place to read while their families shop. Sometimes grandparents just come in to read to their grandchildren in a quiet place.

Another special area in Adams Madams is dedicated to the local lakes including the Chain of Lakes. The  “Bucket List” are cloth bags or large pillows featuring some of the local “must visit” places in the area.

It’s easy to spend hours shopping and going through everything that her beautiful and welcoming shop has to offer.  If you have not visited Adams Madams in Downtown Central Lake, we recommend you plan a trip there, guaranteed not to be disappointed. 

The Bellaire Chamber of Commerce had a great pleasure getting to know Merrie Corbett and her store a little better. She is a super sweet lady who is very involved in her community, from animal rescue, youth programs, local churches and even Lioness fashion shows.

Adams Madams
Address: 2385 S Main St, Central Lake, MI 49622 ~Phone: 231-544-2770