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Torch Conservation Center
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Torch Conservation Center is a growing community of people who are committed to caring for the Torch Lake Watershed.
We love it all...
The farm fields and the orchards, the streams and the woodlands, and of course, the lake.
We enjoy it all...
Whether you're hiking, biking, skiing, swimming, driving, kayaking or just lying in the hammock, we know the best way to enjoy this unique place is to get out in it!
We respect it all...
We all have a critical role to play in keeping the Torch Lake Watershed healthy, and we're working to make that happen.
We'll help you make a difference.



Why does Torch Lake need a land conservancy?

Conserving land in the Torch Lake Watershed is critical if we want to see its clear, blue colors in the future.
There are currently, only 5 acres in Torch Lake Watershed that have been conserved.
Landowners need more options for land conservation, especially for parcels smaller than 40 acres.

Why does the Torch Lake Watershed need another environmental organization?

Torch Lake is our only priority.
We are the only organization that offers land conservation specifically for our watershed, including parcels of all sizes.
Other environmental organizations have different missions, programs and priorities. Some focus on testing the water, while others address policy issues or regional priorities. We are focused on the specific needs of our watershed.

How is the Torch Conservation Center different from other organizations?

We’re reaching out to all landowners within the watershed, not just those who own waterfront property.
We’re also reaching out to thousands of visitors. Our social media shows how they can make a positive difference in a place they love to play.

What are our goals?
We have two main goals.

To increase the acres of land in conservation.
To increase the number of residents using water-friendly practices. We’ve designed our TRUE BLUE Living program which simplifies information, making it easy to understand and implement.

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