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After born and raised as a Michigander, somehow I landed in the state of Texas. Living there for 30 plus years and my children being native Texans, I longed for them to know the constant song in my heart to come back to Michigan…. again and again and again.

In 2004, a blessed opportunity came to purchase what we now call Many Stones. The property, as well as pieces to the north and south and the same amount of acreage across the road, had been owned by one family since the 1920s. The original family cottage now sits in front of the main house which we moved and renovated.

The main house took two years to design, three years to build or 1,825 days from the first pencil drawing to the last nail. Eight hundred tons of rock were used, some coming from the property and various places in Michigan and Canada. There are only three types of wood used in the house, fir ceilings, oak walls, and reclaimed pine floors.

Our architect was Ken Richmond from Traverse City and our builder, Ken Van Houten from Ellsworth. Over 200 talented and creative craftsmen worked to complete the house and outlying buildings. Having observed their talent, commitment to detail, and doing whatever it took, the project was a joy and honor to watch come together.

All was designed with family in mind, large gatherings, intimate moments and, more than anything, good memories and stories to be made and retold. The house and grounds have accomplished that and more.

Walking into the house after being gone, I feel the house has a personality that greets you warmly and the lake welcomes you back. The garden was added five years ago. It is always evolving with lessons in the dirt.

One thing that is true in the garden. There continues to be an abundance of basil for love, rosemary for remembrance, and thyme for strength.

As of 2022 there have been four weddings, three proposals, two celebrations of life, three large 4th of July backyard concerts – all beautiful, memorable stories from Many Stones that are retold again and again and again. Let yours be another.

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