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3533 S. Derenzy Rd Ste B
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Cottage Care Services - Our focus is to enhance the experience of owning a property up north. If there is a service that will make owning your property easier or more enjoyable, we are interested in providing it. Here is a sample of our services:

?Season opening and closing
Arrival preparation including grocery delivery
Weekly inspections while you are gone
Lawn and landscape maintenance
Window washing
Tree trimming and removal
Firewood delivery??
Snow removal
Licensed contractor services
Home repair
Deck build, repair and refinish
Outdoor furniture repair and refinish
Home remodeling?

Lake Living Services is a responsive, trusted, reliable source for your home and property needs up north. Having personal experience with a family cottage on Torch Lake for over 15 years, I understand the challenges you face when you need help with your home away from home. Whether it's the occasional broken pipe, a deck in need of repair, cracked drywall, or recurring needs like lawn maintenance or snow removal, Lake Living Services is ready to take care of you.?

When you stay at a fine hotel and need service, you go to the concierge. Your lake home should be no different. Think of Lake Living Services as your cottage concierge, the place you turn when you need something for your cottage. Even if it's a service beyond our scope, we will coordinate with professionals to solve your problem. Your lake home should be enjoyable, a retreat, not a source of worry and frustration.

Many lake residents seem to have a sense of resignation that mediocre service up north is "just the way it is," but it doesn't have to be. And it shouldn't be. I grew up in Petoskey and understand the unique needs within the lake communities, particularly when you own a second home. Lake Living Services, a licensed contractor, sets a new standard of service up north. I want you to arrive, turn the key to your lake home, and enjoy every minute of it. While you are here I will tend to your home and property needs, mindful of your privacy. And when you leave to go back home, wherever ??that may be, I will take care of it as if it were my own until you return again.

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