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Bellaire Water Company
Bellaire Water Company
3533 S. Derenzy R. Suite D

Bellaire Water Company is a locally owned and operated water bottling business located in the heart of Northern Michigan. Surrounded by the country’s cleanest lakes and streams, we offer the world’s finest water.  We are dedicated to protecting Michigan’s abundant and pristine waters.  Bring any Bellaire Water bottle to a participating retailer, a list can be found at, and receive a 5 cent refund.  No deposit required.

Help us make a difference

Not only do we promise to actively help preserve our local water sources, we are dedicated to to making a difference. We support new legislation to add a 10 cent deposit to bottled water.

Find us now

Visit us online for a list of local retailers and events offering Bellaire Water Company’s Packaged Drinking Water.

  • Bellaire Water Company
  • Bellaire Water Company

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Bellaire Water Company

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