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Bee Well Meadery
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116 N. Bridge St.
Open All Year

Tasting Room

Check out our exclusive tasting room only mead & cider

116 N. Bridge St.
Bellaire, MI 49615

Email us if you'd like to swing by outside those hours. We'll let you know if we're available


Our family has lived in the area between Clam Lake, Lake Bellaire, and Torch Lake for six generations. We have a special love of the area and we want to bring you the flavor of this spectacular spot. Our bees travel to local orchards and farms and create a honey that truly represents the flavors of Northern Michigan. We source our fruit as close to the meadery as possible by working with those same local farmers whose crops our bees helped to pollinate.

We have a long family history of bottling delicious drinks. Our great great grandpa Bailey bottled water from a natural spring on the banks of Clam Lake. This fantastic water was sold throughout the community. His building still stands across from our childhood home and serves as a daily reminder to do grandpa proud.


  • Bee Well Meadery
  • Bee Well Meadery
  • Bee Well Meadery
  • Bee Well Meadery
  • Bee Well Meadery

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