BELLAIRE, MI—What should the future of the Bellaire Community Hall be? The Village of

Bellaire Downtown Development Authority (DDA) and Crosshatch Center for Art and Ecology is seeing community input to determine the best use of a renovated hall.

Built with WPA funds and dedicated in 1937, the historic Bellaire Community Hall saw many uses, like community plays, high school graduations, dances, basketball, and roller skating. The stage opened up to a grand dance floor; in the back was a balcony that looked down over the expanse of wood flooring and onto the stage.

But some time ago, partition walls were installed to make room for office and meeting space for the Village of Bellaire and Kearny Township. Since then, Kearny has built its own hall, leaving most of the space empty.

On Saturday, January 12 from 1 to 4pm, the Bellaire DDA and Crosshatch are inviting the community to a design charrette.

Input is also being invited via an online survey:

“The Village of Bellaire Council is very excited about the possibility of renovating/restoring the first floor and balcony of the Community Hall,” said David Schultz, Village Council President.

“Both Village Council and the Village of Bellaire Downtown Development Authority envision a restored Community Hall that provides a space for both community and cultural events that enhances the lives of Village residents and offer a unique experiences for our visitors.”

“Bellaire has come alive in some amazing ways over the last decade,” said Brad Kik, co-director of Crosshatch Center for Art and Ecology. “A revitalized community hall could add a lot to this small downtown, by featuring live music, live theater, social dances and hundreds of other uses by the local community. Plus, it would continue to include the Bellaire Historical Society in the lower level.”

For more information, contact Amanda Kik at or (231) 622-5252.