Antrim County Helping Hands & Hearts Facebook Page

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From the page:

If you are in need of an item, a prayer or a helping hand post your need. If you have time, resources or things to give to someone in need share it here. This is not a “For Sale or Take for Re-Sale” group – It’s a “Love One Another – Give From Your Heart Group” 

Antrim County Helping Hands & Hearts FB group is joining forces with Antrim County Chambers of Commerce to offer support to area businesses thru the challenging weeks and months ahead. While there will be some grant and loan money available to small businesses across the state, there is a concern most of that funding will be available to businesses in highly populated areas. We must be mindful of our State of Michigan Shelter in Place Executive Order, but we strive to be creative in seeking ways in which we can help our local businesses survive during this time of financial strain. In the past, Antrim County Helping Hands and Hearts has been a site for individuals to donate items no longer needed to others in need, or to someone who could use them. While this policy is still in effect regarding individual (personal) items donated free of charge, in an effort to help our local business establishments stay afloat during this time of uncertainty, and assist families finding it difficult to make ends meet, we are expanding the use of our group to allow for bartering between everyone. Business to business, business to individuals and individual to individual. We are also allowing businesses to post within our group items for sale at a discounted price that will give the purchaser a super good deal, while allowing the business to still turn a profit and maintain some cash flow from inventory. You may see gift cards offered from businesses to be used at a future time. Be consciences of the shelter in place order. Maybe you pay for an item or gift card now with PayPal & pick the item up from the place of business after the shelter in place is lifted or possibly you drop off and pick up bartered items now on your walk outside or your trip to the grocery. Possibly you have a craft and can make something to donate to a local business to sell in their establishment. Maybe if you aren’t struggling, because you’re still working, you send a donation to your favorite place of business, who might be. Adhere to social distancing to keep yourself, your family, friends, your community members and your business owners and employees safe and Coronavirus free. It takes a village