A Letter from the Antrim Conservation District

Dear Friend of Conservation,

CAN YOU HELP US? The next election day, August 4, 2020, will be pivotal for Antrim Conservation District.  Antrim Conservation District millage renewal will be on the ballot for Antrim County voters.   The millage funding provides a solid and necessary foundation that supports Antrim Conservation District. The District maintains and expands trail systems, keeps recycling centers cleaned up, informs the public how to recycle and provides direct landowner assistance and public education about our land and water resources and local food production.  All these things are important to the health of our county. The millage must pass to ensure our ongoing conservation success.  PLEASE VOTE on August 4.

VOLUNTEERS and DONATIONS are welcome. The Friends of the Antrim Conservation District was formed to help create awareness about the millage.  Please checkout Friends of Antrim Conservation District on Facebook.  Donations are being accepted to pay for media expenses and should be written to the “Friends of ACD” and mailed to Joe Pomerville, 2921 Val Disere, Bellaire, MI 49615. Volunteers can help place posters, signs, and prepare mailers.

PLEASE LIKE US on Facebook at:  www.Facebook.com/FriendsofACD. The current pandemic has shown us the importance of our health and how much nature means to us, both mentally and physically.  Our Antrim county trails and parks are being used by more people than ever. Your support is appreciated.